Ubiquitin-mediated control of oncogene and tumor suppressor gene products.

  title={Ubiquitin-mediated control of oncogene and tumor suppressor gene products.},
  author={Kyoko Kitagawa and Yojiro Kotake and Masatoshi Kitagawa},
  journal={Cancer science},
  volume={100 8},
Cellular levels of products from both oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in normal cells need to be critically regulated to avoid malignant transformation. These products are often controlled by the ubiquitin proteasome pathway, the specific degradation mechanism in the cell. E3 ubiquitin ligases polyubiquitylate their specific substrates by collaborating with E1 and E2, and then the modified substrates are degraded in the proteasome. Mdm2 targets p53 and retinoblastoma protein, two major… CONTINUE READING


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