Ubiquitin ligase gene expression in healthy volunteers with 20-day bedrest.

  title={Ubiquitin ligase gene expression in healthy volunteers with 20-day bedrest.},
  author={Takayuki Ogawa and Harumi Furochi and Mai Mameoka and Katsuya Hirasaka and Yuko Onishi and Naoto Suzue and Motoko Oarada and Motoki Akamatsu and Hiroshi Akima and Tetsuo Fukunaga and Kyoichi Kishi and Natsuo Yasui and Kazumi Ishidoh and Hideoki Fukuoka and Takeshi Nikawa},
  journal={Muscle & nerve},
  volume={34 4},
In animal models, several ubiquitin ligases play an important role in skeletal muscle atrophy caused by unloading. In this study we examined protein ubiquitination and ubiquitin ligase gene expression in quadriceps femoris muscle from healthy volunteers after 20-day bedrest to clarify ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis in human muscles after unloading. During bedrest, thickness and cross-sectional area of the quadriceps femoris muscle decreased significantly by 4.6% and 3.7%, respectively… CONTINUE READING


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