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Ubiquitin C-terminal Hydrolases L1:Physiological and Pathological Significance

  title={Ubiquitin C-terminal Hydrolases L1:Physiological and Pathological Significance},
  author={Sun Chul Jin},
  • Sun Chul Jin
  • Published 2007
  • Biology
  • UCH-L1(ubiquitin carboxy-terminal hydrolases L1)is a member of the carboxyl-terminal ubiquitin hydrolase family,naturally,that there is hydrolase activity,however,and that there is ligase acitivity,which is different from the other members of UCHs.UCH-L1 hydrolase activity could keep the pool of free ubiquitin and compromise the ubiquitin-dependent degradation pathway,while UCH-L1 dimerizational-dependent,ubiquityl ligase activity could produce undegradable,K63-linked polyubiquitin chains that… CONTINUE READING

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