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Uberization Effects on Freight Procurement

  title={Uberization Effects on Freight Procurement},
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According to a report by A. T. Kearney, in 2016 the US business spent $1,392.64B on logistics costs. 90% of transportation spending is procured in the form of Long Term Contracts. A Long Term Contract drives long procurement cycles that can last over 6 months, which results in significant financial risk for both shippers and carriers. It is estimated that 10% of freight under Long Term Contracts fall out and ends up in the spot market due to low tender acceptance and market volatility. The spot… 


Niver Lines: A System-Dynamics Approach to Tanker Freight Modeling
A system-dynamics model is developed and implemented for the tanker market for Niver Lines that combines entry, exit, and lay-up decisions, and determines the flow of transportation supply, derived time-charter rates from the interaction of supply and demand.
Electronic Markets for Truckload Transportation
A wide variety of electronic marketplace formats are used in the Truckload (TL) transportation industry, including combinatorial auctions, private and public exchanges, and electronic catalogs.
Business dynamics: Systems thinking and modeling for a complex world
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Uber water shipment shows trucking's loadmatching future
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