UXT is a novel centrosomal protein essential for cell viability.

  title={UXT is a novel centrosomal protein essential for cell viability.},
  author={Huiwu Zhao and Qiang Wang and Hongtao Zhang and Qingdu Liu and Xiulian Du and Mark Richter and M ichael Greene},
  journal={Molecular biology of the cell},
  volume={16 12},
Ubiquitously expressed transcript (UXT) is a prefoldinlike protein that has been suggested to be involved in human tumorigenesis. Here, we have found that UXT is overexpressed in a number of human tumor tissues but not in the matching normal tissues. We demonstrate that UXT is located in human centrosomes and is associated with gamma-tubulin. In addition, overexpression of UXT disrupts centrosome structure. Furthermore, abrogation of UXT protein expression by small interfering RNA knockdown… CONTINUE READING
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