UVisP: User-centric Visualization of Data Provenance with Gestalt Principles

  title={UVisP: User-centric Visualization of Data Provenance with Gestalt Principles},
  author={Jeffery Garae and R. Ko and Sivadon Chaisiri},
  journal={2016 IEEE Trustcom/BigDataSE/ISPA},
The need to understand and track files (and inherently, data) in cloud computing systems is in high demand. Over the past years, the use of logs and data representation using graphs have become the main method for tracking and relating information to the cloud users. While being used, tracking related information with 'data provenance' (i.e. series of chronicles and the derivation history of data on metadata) is the new trend for cloud users. However, there is still much room for improving data… Expand
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