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Final Report: RESEARCH AREA 7.1:Exploring the Systematics of Controlling Quantum Phenomena Report Title This research is concerned with the theoretical and experimental control quantum dynamics phenomena. Advances include new algorithms to accelerate quantum control as well as provide physical insights into the controlled dynamics. The latter research includes the demonstration of a new protocol for extracting information about control mechanisms directly from laboratory data without the need for simulations. A special focus was also placed on understanding the topology of the underlying fundamental quantum control landscapes, as they dictate the ease of finding effective control fields. A new direction was opened up considering the material or molecular portions of the Hamiltonian as part of the controls along with an applied field. Finally, a review was prepared on the state of quantum control research including some speculation on directions ahead. (a) Papers published in peer-reviewed journals (N/A for none) Enter List of papers submitted or published that acknowledge ARO support from the start of the project to the date of this printing. List the papers, including journal references, in the following categories:

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