USP22 regulates oncogenic signaling pathways to drive lethal cancer progression.

  title={USP22 regulates oncogenic signaling pathways to drive lethal cancer progression.},
  author={Randy S. Schrecengost and Jeffry L. Dean and Jonathan F. Goodwin and Matthew J. Schiewer and Mark W. Urban and Timothy J. Stanek and Robyn T. Sussman and Jessica L. Hicks and Ruth C. Birbe and Rossitza Anguelova Draganova-Tacheva and Tapio Visakorpi and Angelo Demarzo and Steven B. McMahon and Karen E. Knudsen},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={74 1},
Increasing evidence links deregulation of the ubiquitin-specific proteases 22 (USP22) deubitiquitylase to cancer development and progression in a select group of tumor types, but its specificity and underlying mechanisms of action are not well defined. Here we show that USP22 is a critical promoter of lethal tumor phenotypes that acts by modulating nuclear receptor and oncogenic signaling. In multiple xenograft models of human cancer, modeling of tumor-associated USP22 deregulation demonstrated… CONTINUE READING
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