USBee: Air-gap covert-channel via electromagnetic emission from USB

  title={USBee: Air-gap covert-channel via electromagnetic emission from USB},
  author={Mordechai Guri and Matan Monitz and Yuval Elovici},
  journal={2016 14th Annual Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST)},
In recent years researchers have demonstrated how attackers could use USB connectors implanted with RF transmitters to exfiltrate data from secure, and even air-gapped, computers (e.g., COTTONMOUTH in the leaked NSA ANT catalog). Such methods require a hardware modification of the USB plug or device, in which a dedicated RF transmitter is embedded. In this paper we present ‘USBee,’ a software that can utilize an unmodified USB device connected to a computer as a RF transmitter. We demonstrate… CONTINUE READING
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