US guidance for thoracic biopsy: a valuable alternative to CT.

  title={US guidance for thoracic biopsy: a valuable alternative to CT.},
  author={Sheila Sheth and Ulrike M. Hamper and David B. Stanley and John J. Wheeler and Peter A. Smith},
  volume={210 3},
PURPOSE To determine the role, accuracy, and selection criteria of ultrasonographic (US) guidance for biopsy for thoracic lesions. MATERIALS AND METHODS Imaging-guided thoracic biopsies (n = 86) were performed in 84 consecutive patients. US guidance was used for lesions abutting the chest wall; computed tomographic (CT) guidance was used for all masses surrounded by aerated lung. Mass location and size, guidance modality, histologic results, procedure time, and complications were recorded… CONTINUE READING
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