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  author={Mats Johansson},

Photocatalytic Disinfection of Contaminated Source-Separated Human Urine for Safe Use as a Fertilizer

Tests showed that urine has an inhibitory effect on photocatalysis, and under the conditions tested, PCD is not an effective method for sanitization of contaminated urine.

Technology selection and comparative performance of source-separating wastewater management systems in Sweden and The Netherlands.

The inventory showed that source-separating sanitation systems have a high potential to save or recover resources (water and nutrients) and Lack of operation and maintenance is a cause of occasional failure for the grey water treatment systems, while the dominant failure reason for the urine separation systems was pipe clogging.

Urine processing for efficient nutrient recovery and reuse in agriculture

Recycling of nutrients between urban areas and farmland is a critical step towards an ecologically sustainable development. Human urine is the most nutrient-abundant part among the domestic waste

Ecological Sanitation--a way to solve global sanitation problems?

Nitrogen Recovery With Source Separation of Human Urine—Preliminary Results of Its Fertiliser Potential and Use in Agriculture

The growing demand for food and the increasing costs of cultivation are posing a challenge for agriculture. Diminishing phosphorus reserves, as well as the energy intensive method of producing

The study on ecological sanitation systems in Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania)

The study was on two wards of Dar-es-Salaam namely Karakata and Majumbasita. This study was based on; studying the existing situation of the systems, determining the systemsperformance in

Appropriate Management of On-Site Sanitation

The world is facing an enormous sanitation crisis: about 2.6 billion people lack of appropriate sanitation. Together with the lack of clean drinking water, it is causing 10 000 30 000 deaths daily.

Alkaline Dehydration of Human Urine Collected in Source-Separated Sanitation Systems Using Magnesium Oxide

Fresh human urine, after it is alkalized to prevent the enzymatic hydrolysis of urea, can be dehydrated to reduce its volume and to produce a solid fertilizer. In this study, we investigated the

Human urine-based fertilizers: A review

Abstract Urine contains most of the nutrients excreted by humans. They are mainly released into the environment and contribute to the strong disruption of planetary biogeochemical cycles. These