author={Michael A. Murphy and Harold A. Wollenberg and Beverly Strisower and Harry R. Bowman and Steve Flexser and Ian Carmichael},
  journal={Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory},
V%j( A O LBL-7029 fr A* n URANIUM IN ALKALINE ROCKS M. Murphy, H. Wottenberg,* B. Strisower, H. Bowman, S. Flexser, and I. Carmichael April 1978 Earth Sciences Division Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory University of California Principal Investigator ^DISTRIBUTION OF T.H1S DOCUMENT IS UNUMMED Prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy under Contract W-7405-ENG-48 
Occurrence of Uranium in Rocks of the Ekiek Creek Complex , Western Alaska
Uranium in the Ekiek Creek Complex of western Alaska is related to a niobium-rich pyrochlore in the nepheline syenite of the complex. The complex consists of an aegirine-phlogopite pyroxenite that
(222)Rn activity in groundwater of the St. Lawrence Lowlands, Quebec, eastern Canada: relation with local geology and health hazard.


Tabulation of uranium and thorium data on the Mesozoic-Cenozoic intrusive rocks of known chemical composition in Colorado
Analytical data are made available on some 250 Mesozoic-Cenozoic intrusive rocks in Colorado for use in assessing the ''magmatic'' uranium potential of areas involved in the search for pitchblende
Field determination of uranium and thorium by gamma-ray spectrometry, exemplified by measurements in the Ilmaussaq alkaline intrusion, south Greenland
Gamma-ray spectrometry in the field was used in connection with an intensive study of the abundance and distribution of U and Th in peralkaline rocks of the Ilimaussaq intrusion, south Greenland. U
Geology of the Alkaline Precambrian Rocks at Pajarito Mountain, Otero County, New Mexico
Pajarito Mountain is an oval-shaped Laramide dome involving Permian carbonates and red beds with a core of Precambrian rocks. The melanocratic rocks of the core have until recently been thought to be
Potassium-Argon Age of Devils Tower, Wyoming
Potassiumargon determinations on the orthoclase indicate an age of 40.5 million years � 4 percent which is consistent with the geologically accepted Tertiary age.
Petrology of the alkaline rocks at Red Hill, New Hampshire
INTRODUCTION Red Hill, New Hampshire, received attention from early geologists who worked in this region,1 and it was the subject of an extensive paper by Pirsson and Washington.2 Although certain of
Is Carbon dioxide an ore-forming fluid under shallow-earth conditions?
A review of some of the physical-chemical properties of CO 2 and of the system CO 2 --H 2 O indicates that under some shallow-earth conditions CO 2 can exist as a separate phase with a density
The Nephelite Syenite and Nephelite Porphyry of Beemerville, New Jersey
During the earlier geological survey of New Jersey many outcrops of igneous rocks, mainly dykes, were mapped and recorded in the state reports without particular description. These rocks are nearly
Petrology and Rb-Sr isotope geochemistry of intrusions in the Diablo Plateau, northern Trans-Pecos magmatic province, Texas and New Mexico
Shallow intrusive bodies in a 65-km-long belt consist of quartz-bearing and feldspathoidal syenite, trachyte, and phonolite, all within a narrow range of composition. K-Ar ages (35 ± 2 m.y.) and
rn a recent paper Heinrich and Dahlem (1966) have sketched the general geology and have described the major intrusive bodies of the alkalic province of Fremont and custer counties, colorado. The