UNWTO Tourism Highlights: 2018 Edition

  title={UNWTO Tourism Highlights: 2018 Edition},
  • Published 24 August 2018

Dynamics of innovation network practices in tourism

Research increasingly focuses on innovation in service and experience. Topics of debate include whether innovation in manufacturing industries is similar to that in service and experience industries

Terrorism and travel advisory effects on international tourism

ABSTRACT The paper applies dynamic panel modeling to investigate the impact of terrorism and travel advice on global tourism. Annual arrivals data for 49 destinations and 15 leading countries of

Tourism in UNESCO World Heritage Site: Divergent Visitor Views to Lijiang on Experiences, Satisfaction and Future Intentions

ABSTRACT This paper uses a mixed methods approach to understand local and foreign tourists’ views of the World heritage (WH) site of Lijiang in China. A good majority of both foreign and local

Residentsʼ attitudes and behavioural support for tourism in host communities

ABSTRACT In our study of the “perceptions–attitudes–behaviours” sequence, we explain how resident perceptions of tourism’s impacts on host communities influence not only their attitudes towards

Innovative Entrepreneurship in the Tourism Sector : New Insights on the Role of the Development Context

Abstract This paper is an empirical study on the drivers of innovative entrepreneurship for the tourism sector, in particular the role of the development context. Using cross-country data from the

Reflections on the Asian Hotel Attributes: The Russian Gaze

ABSTRACT The current paper focuses on a lucrative, but a relatively unknown Russian market. Content analysis of online reviews from three review websites is conducted and the important hotel

Modelling dependence between tourism demand and exchange rate using the copula-based GARCH model

This paper investigates dependence between tourism demand and exchange rate, using the case of China, and from a new perspective by using copula–GARCH models. The empirical results show that the

Essays on tourism and its determinants


Existing literature has inadequately examined the nexus between tourism and property prices. Additionally, it mainly focuses on hotels and housing, thereby overlooking other property categories