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  author={Casting Astrolite Cylinders},
The spectrum, asymmetry, and spirality of the electrons from decay are calculatedfrom the most general form of the two-component neutrino theory with lepton conservatipn. In addition to the nonlocal iiteractions considered recently by Lee and Yang, terms appearing phenomenolo.ically as derivative couplings may occur. In particular, a spectrum that is, asie from a statistical factor, linear in:momentum is possible with p / 3/4. This could be interpreted as evidence that fermions of baryonic mass… 

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Strangeness photoproduction off the proton at threshold energies

KΛ photoproduction provides the best possibility for a model independent extraction of the photoproduction process and contributing resonances. To do this, it is vital that cross section measurements

High-energy neutrino interaction physics with IceCube

  • S. Klein
  • Physics
    EPJ Web of Conferences
  • 2019
Although they are best known for studying astrophysical neutrinos, neutrino telescopes like IceCube can study neutrino interactions, at energies far above those that are accessible at accelerators.

Entanglement and Excitations in Gauge/Gravity Duality

In this thesis, we study a variety of phenomena in strongly coupled quantum field theories by performing calculations in their gravitational duals. We compute entanglement entropy in a variety of

Exploring the spectral diversity of low-redshift Type Ia supernovae using the Palomar Transient Factory

We present an investigation of the optical spectra of 264 low-redshift (z 40 per cent of SNe Ia observed at these phases show signs of unburnt material in their spectra, and that C II features are

Measurement of the Cosmic-Induced Neutron Yield at the Modane Underground Laboratory

Muon-induced neutrons are an important background source for rare event searches such as Dark Matter searches looking for nuclear recoils induced by the elastic scattering of galactic WIMPs off

Capabilities of ARIANNA: Neutrino Pointing Resolution and Implications for Future Ultra-high Energy Neutrino Astronomy

A radio-frequency polarization measurement by the ARIANNA surface station was performed using a residual hole from the South Pole Ice Core (SPICEcore) Project. Radio pulses were emitted from a

The First NuSTAR Observation of 4U 1538–522: Updated Orbital Ephemeris and a Strengthened Case for an Evolving Cyclotron Line Energy

We have performed a comprehensive spectral and timing analysis of the first NuSTAR observation of the high-mass X-ray binary 4U 1538−522. The observation covers the X-ray eclipse of the source, plus

Dynamics of the spin-boson model: A comparison of the multiple Davydov D1,D1.5,D2 Ansätze

Deformation quantisation of the conic and symplectic reduction of wavefunctions

We give a short review of the algebraic procedure known as deformation quantisation, which replaces a commutative algebra with a non-commutative algebra. We use this framework to examine how the

Deep learning reconstruction of the neutrino direction and energy from in-ice radio detector data

Ultra-high-energy (UHE) neutrinos ( > 10 16 eV) can be measured cost-effectively using in-ice radio detection, which has been explored successfully in pilot arrays. A large radio detector is currently



The Financial Accelerator and the Flight to Quality

Adverse shocks to the economy may be amplified by worsening credit-market conditions-- the financial 'accelerator'. Theoretically, we interpret the financial accelerator as resulting from endogenous

The metabolism of the fission products and the heaviest elements.

An investigation of the assimilation, distribution, retention, and excretion of fission products and the heaviest elements in the rat has been conducted at the Crocker Radiation Laboratory of the

Expectations and Exchange Rate Dynamics

The paper develops a theory of exchange rate movements under perfect capital mobility, a slow adjustment of goods markets relative to asset markets, and consistent expectations. The perfect foresight

Semiconductor detector systems.

The metabolism of americium in the rat.


THIS PAPER IS A THEORETICAL examination of the stochastic behavior of equilibrium asset prices in a one-good, pure exchange economy with identical consumers. The single good in this economy is

Why the Current Account Matters in a Monetary Union: Lessons from the Financial Crisis in the Euro Area

The current account has always been a neglected variable in the management of the Euro area and in the assessment of its members' performance; so has, as a consequence, the savings-investment

A Reconsideration of Investment Behavior Using Tax Reforms as Natural Experiments

We thank Alan Auerbach, Ricardo Caballero, Bill Gentry, Bronwyn Hall, Robert Hall, Charles Himmelberg, Anil Kashyap, Steve Oliner, Kristen Willard, and seminar participants at the Brookings Panel on


IN HIS SURVEY ON RATIONAL EXPECTATIONS, R. Shiller indicates that the difficulty of obtaining explicit solutions for linear difference models under rational expectations may have hindered their use


The first part of this paper considers the interaction between productive and nonproductive savings in a growing economy. It employs an overlapping generations model with capital accumulation and