This project was a three year continuation of ONR Contract #N00014-87-K-0780. It had two major aims. One was the design and computer simulation of specific neural circuits modeled after the early vision system of higher vertebrates. The second aim was the design and construction of electronic analog neural systems that could be used for implementing such a vision system and possibly other neural systems. Our initial approach to the hardware implementation was to build an entirely hardwired system using VLSI assemblies of electronic neurons and separate resistive synapse connection matrices fabricated by CVD deposition of amorphous silicon. During further simulation studies of the vision system it became clear that at this early state of development a completely hardwired system would be too restrictive and for this reason we felt that we needed a system that would incorporate modifiable synapses and a programmable connection architecture. Rather than restrict the design of such a system by tailoring it to the specific architectures of the vision system, we decided to design a general purpose programmable neural analog > computer that would be useful not only for vision but also for other tasks of real world 0

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