UMTS FDD frequency domain equalization based on slot segmentation

  title={UMTS FDD frequency domain equalization based on slot segmentation},
  author={YuShan Li and Stephen McLaughlin and D.G.M. Cruickshank},
  journal={2005 IEEE 61st Vehicular Technology Conference},
  pages={457-461 Vol. 1}
A new chip-level MMSE frequency domain equalizer (FDE) is investigated for a universal mobile telephone system (UMTS) downlink. Multiple access interference (MAI) and inter chip interference (ICI) can be reduced at the chip level before despreading. By exploiting the frame and slot structures of the UMTS downlink, the pilots within one slot (for FDD mode) can be used for the required cyclic reconstruction in an FDE. No cyclic prefix (CP) or zero-padding is required at the transmitter, which… CONTINUE READING