UML Model Transformation for a Product Line Design


There is a tremendous growth in computer and electronics industry in this era. This growth has made a major impact on hardware and software resources. A gap has occurred in designing the hardware resource because, only optimal amount of hardware resources is being used for an application development. The complexity of the design and the scarcity of time (for marketing) require a standard procedural approach, to address problems such as validation, synthesis, verification and testing. We have proposed a procedural approach for the completeness of the hardware and software systems with less effort. We have created an executable model for the application. This model includes different software and hardware modules.A UML based compiler and a hardware-software co-simulation tool is used in our procedural approach, for reconfiguring the architectures and aids validation, verification, mapping and synthesis of the application with limited amount of effort. Keywordcontainments, dependencies, platform, proxy.

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