ULF Wave Transmission Across Collisionless Shocks: 2.5D Local Hybrid Simulations

  title={ULF Wave Transmission Across Collisionless Shocks: 2.5D Local Hybrid Simulations},
  author={Primo{\vz} Kajdi{\vc} and Yann Pfau‐Kempf and Lucile Turc and Andrew P. Dimmock and Minna Palmroth},
  journal={Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics},
We study the interaction of upstream ultralow frequency (ULF) waves with collisionless shocks by analyzing the outputs of 11 2D local hybrid simulation runs. Our simulated shocks have Alfvénic Mach numbers between 4.29 and 7.42 and their θBN angles are 15° , 30° , 45° , and 50° . The ULF wave foreshocks develop upstream of all of them. The wavelength and the amplitude of the upstream waves exhibit a complex dependence on the shock's MA and θBN . The wavelength positively correlates with both… 
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    Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences
  • 2022
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