UKPDS 31: Hepatocyte nuclear factor-1alpha (the MODY3 gene) mutations in late onset Type II diabetic patients in the United Kingdom


in Basques. Diabetologia 41: 1121±1123 6. World Health Organisation Study Group on Diabetes Mellitus (1985) Technical Report Series No 727, WHO Geneva 7. Kristiansen OP, Larsen ZM, Johannesen J, Mandrup-Poulsen T, Nerup J, Pociot F (1997) Linkage analysis of IDDM 13 in Danish IDDM multiplex families. Diabetologia 40 [Suppl]: A 53 (abstract) 8. Djilali-Saiah… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s001250051127

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