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UKIP: Inside the Campaign to Redraw the Map of British Politics

  title={UKIP: Inside the Campaign to Redraw the Map of British Politics},
  author={Matthew J. Goodwin and Caitlin Milazzo},
Introduction 1. Gateshead 2. How the Game has Changed 3. Earthquake 4. Left Behind Britain 5. Farage's Followers 6. Sustaining Momentum 7. The Deal that Never Was 8. Learning Lessons 9. Ground Game 10. Targeting Territory 11. Into Battle 12. Results and Impact Notes Index 
Nationalist Populism: New Political Parties in Europe. Their Ideas, Governments and Support for a Less-Integrated Europe
The rise of nationalist populism during the last two European parliamentary elections calls for a rigorous analysis of these new political forces. From Euro-scepticism to Euro-phobia, they criticise
From UKIP to the Brexit party: the politicization of European integration and disruptive impact on national and European arenas
ABSTRACT The British referendum on EU membership was both the result and the cause of major ruptures and reconfigurations of the British political order. It also marked the climax of the
Fifty Shades of Brexit: Britain’s EU Referendum and its Implications for Europe and Britain
Abstract Britain’s vote to leave the EU has raised more questions than answers, which is ironic given that David Cameron’s aim for the referendum was to settle the European question in British
‘This loopy idea’ an analysis of UKIP’s social media discourse in relation to rurality and climate change
This paper focuses on the way that United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) attempted to communicate its policies and messages about the topic of renewable energy during 2013–2014. Renewable energy
“Enemies of the people”: Populist performances in the Daily Mail reporting of the Article 50 case
  • R. Breeze
  • Political Science
    Discourse, Context & Media
  • 2018
The Impact of EU-based Populism on Turkey-EU Relations
ABSTRACT The May 2019 EP elections once again highlighted the current cultural backlash throughout Europe against progressive values such as cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism, which impacts on the
The European Union in Crisis What Challenges Lie ahead and Why It Matters for Korea
This book illuminates the challenges that EU and member countries are currently facing, and those it has dealt with or must address in the future, going on to suggest possible implications for Korea.
Brexitland: Identity, Diversity and the Reshaping of British Politics
Long-term social and demographic changes - and the conflicts they create - continue to transform British politics. In this accessible and authoritative book Sobolewska and Ford show how deep the
The Brexit effect: Political implications of the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union
Brexit has brought tensions in European and (especially) British politics. This article illustrates the rationale, scope and research questions of the special issue, which investigates the first
Brexit and the perils of ‘Europeanised’ migration
ABSTRACT Moving beyond short-term public opinion accounts for Brexit this article considers how Britain's historic policy and political dynamics on migration led to the outcome of the EU referendum