UKDMC dark matter search with inorganic scintillators

  title={UKDMC dark matter search with inorganic scintillators},
  author={V. Kudryavtsev and N. Spooner and P. Lightfoot and J. W. Roberts and M. Lehner and T. Gamble and T. Lawson and R. L{\"u}scher and J. Mcmillan and B. Morgan and M. Robinson and D. Tovey and N. Smith and P. F. Smith and G. J. Alner and S. P. Hart and J. D. Lewin and R. Preece and T. Sumner and W. Jones and J. J. Quenby and B. Ahmed and A. Bewick and D. Davidge and J. Dawson and A. Howard and I. Ivaniouchenkov and M. Joshi and V. Lebedenko and I. Liubarsky and J. C. Barton},
The status of dark matter searches with inorganic scintillator detectors at Boulby mine is reviewed. Results of a test experiment with CsI(Tl) crystal are presented. The objectives of this experiment were to study anomalous fast events and ways to remove this background. We found clear indications that these events were due to surface contami- nation of crystals by alphas, probably from radon decay. A new array of unencapsulated NaI(Tl) crystals immersed in liquid paraffin or nitrogen… Expand
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