UK university students’ perceptions and negotiations of sexual consent

  title={UK university students’ perceptions and negotiations of sexual consent},
  author={Liam Wignall and Jade L. Stirling and Ryan Scoats},
  journal={Psychology \& Sexuality},
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ABSTRACT There is a growing recognition of the importance of trying to understand how sexual consent is understood and negotiated, yet research in this area is still developing. In particular, there is a need to better understand how young adults, a group significantly more likely to be victims of sexual assault, negotiate sexual consent across a range of cultural settings. Utilising semi-structured interviews, this research explores 20 British University students’ perspectives and behaviours… 

Young people’s perspectives of sexual wellbeing and consent: A literature review

  • Psychology
  • 2021
definitions versus real-life definitions Researchers have used a variety of methods to capture young people’s views and definitions of sexual consent, including scales, vignettes, focus group

‘A certain evolution’: a phenomenological study of 24/7 BDSM and negotiating consent

ABSTRACT BDSM as a full-time lifestyle is stigmatised and underexamined as a phenomenon. Previous studies have investigated 24/7 sadomasochism (SM), 24/7 dominance and submission (D/s), or total

Autonomy and the folk concept of valid consent

Consent governs innumerable everyday social interactions, including sex, medical exams, the use of property, and economic transactions. Yet little is known about how ordinary people reason about the

The relationship between attribution of blame and the perception of resistance in relation to victims of sexual violence

Several studies have examined victim blaming in rape scenarios. However, there is limited research on the analysis of the perception of blame when two or more perpetrators are involved. The present

The Normalization of Leisure Sex and Recreational Drugs: Exploring Associations Between Polydrug Use and Sexual Practices by English Festival-Goers

The relationship between drug use and sexual practice is complex. Significant focus has been placed on risky practices, yet the broader associations between drug use and sexual activities remain

Masochist or Murderer? A Discourse Analytic Study Exploring Social Constructions of Sexually Violent Male Perpetrators, Female Victims-Survivors and the Rough Sex Defense on Twitter

“Rough sex” can be considered an act of sexual violence that is consensual or non-consensual, often resulting in bodily harm and in rare cases, fatalities. The rough sex defense is typically advanced



Should Universities and Colleges Mandate Sexual Behavior?

Abstract This study at a Canadian university explored students' beliefs about sexual consent policy and sexual consent negotiations. One of the most publicized policies regarding sexual consent was

‘Spontaneous’ Sexual Consent: An Analysis of Sexual Consent Literature

Sexual consent is an understudied and undertheorized concept despite its importance to feminist researchers and activists interested in sexual violence. Literature on consent, although sparse, has

A Qualitative Analysis of Beliefs About Sexual Consent Among High School Students

Perceptions of sexual consent among high school students are explored, finding that adolescents who previously engaged in sexual activity can expect that sexual activity will happen again without the need for verbal consent, particularly within established relationships.

The Potential of Sexual Consent Interventions on College Campuses: A Literature Review on the Barriers to Establishing Affirmative Sexual Consent

In light of the new California legal mandate for affirmative sexual consent in higher education institutions, the current sexual consent literature merits review. This review examines perceived peer

Postfeminist sexual agency: Young women’s negotiations of sexual consent

Standard models of sexual consent in sexual violence prevention campaigns suppose that women, as free and autonomous agents, are in control of their sexuality and are able to ‘just say no’ to

Sexual Consent in Heterosexual Relationships: Development of a New Measure

The extensive research on date rape attitudes and experiences has left sexual consent itself largely unexamined. The objective of this study was to develop a measure to assess women’s and men’s

College Students and Sexual Consent: Unique Insights

Men are conceptualized as sexual initiators and women as sexual gatekeepers, and that men's sexual pleasure is primary whereas women's experience of pleasure is secondary, articulate the need for more pointed research aimed at assessing sexual consent among college students.

Gender Differences in Heterosexual College Students' Conceptualizations and Indicators of Sexual Consent: Implications for Contemporary Sexual Assault Prevention Education

There were significant differences in how men and women indicated their own consent and nonconsent, with women reporting more verbal strategies than men and men reporting more nonverbal strategies than women, and in how they interpreted their partner's consent andNonconsent.

Perceptions of Sexual Consent: The Impact of Relationship History and Gender

Men, more than women, perceived the scenarios as more consensual, acceptable, and clear regardless of relationship experience, and as the degree of intimacy between the couple increased, perceptions of consent, acceptability, and clarity increased.

The Complexities of Sexual Consent Among College Students: A Conceptual and Empirical Review

The conceptual challenges of defining sexual consent and the empirical research on how young people navigate sexual consent in their daily lives are reviewed, focusing primarily on studies of U.S. and Canadian students.