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UK Election Statistics: 1918-2019 - A century of elections

  title={UK Election Statistics: 1918-2019 - A century of elections},
  author={Richard Cracknell and Lukas Audickas and Philip Loft},
Remote E-Voting: More than a Technical Challenge
This paper will discuss the issues countries face beyond the technical challenge of implementing a secure electronic voting system. We start by exploring the history of national elections, theExpand
El parachutage en el Parlamento británico: una primera aproximación (2001-2019)
Aquest article investiga la dimensio territorial del reclutament de les elits parlamentaries al Regne Unit. En concret, se centra en els diputats nascuts fora del seu districte —els anomenatsExpand
Forecasting elections results via the voter model with stubborn nodes
A novel method to forecast the result of elections using only official results of previous ones is proposed, based on the voter model with stubborn nodes and uses theoretical results developed in a previous work of the authors'. Expand
Policing Black Film: Racism, Black Resistance and the Applicational Dexterity of Race Relations in Babylon
The racial unrests permeating across Britain in the late 1970s resulted in a set of political agendas responding to racism to be brought into being though legislation, culminating in the passing ofExpand
Constructing a Narrative: Ontological Security in the Scottish Nation (State)
Braveheart. Rob Roy. Mary Queen of Scots. As a nation we have been fighting for our independence for hundreds of years, battling against the colonial English state that erased our Celtic heritage andExpand
Scottish Women and Political Representation in the UK and Scottish Parliaments (1918–2020)
This article reviews the record of Scottish women’s representation in the UK Parliament since 1918, and in the Scottish Parliament since 1999. Women candidates have stood for election to WestminsterExpand
Prying apart the tangled web of cross-border healthcare. The consequensec of a hard Brexit for the access to cross-border curative healthcare on the island of Ireland
Since 2016 there has been lively debates within the UK and the EU about the implications of Brexit. However, roughly two months before Exit Day there is still nothing but uncertainty. Especially onExpand
Social Mobility Explains Populism, Not Inequality or Culture
What is driving contemporary populism, for example Brexit, Trump, the Gilets Jaunes, and Five-Star? Commonly-accepted answers are divided into two schools of thought, one economic and one cultural.Expand