UIBR – An Approach to Innovations Acceptance


In this paper, we first attempt to review user acceptance theory and then discuss the four common models. Second, this study intends to assess the relationship of Users’ Informational-Based Readiness (UIBR), the tendency to adopt Internet banking services JIBC August 2009, Vol. 14, No. 2 2 as an innovation and whether or not it contributes to the prediction of an individual’s intention (decision) to accept innovation as a new variable, thereby extending the former variables known as psychological determinants. In order to achieve this, the study proposes a new model for studying the acceptance of technology, which was assessed by using data collected from 369 bank customers and the application of Internet Banking (IB) services was used to assess its acceptance. The study found that users’ information readiness combined with innovation attributes are the joint determinants of the users’ attitude towards the use of IB.

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