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UBR: A Book Search - Recommender Hybrid

  title={UBR: A Book Search - Recommender Hybrid},
  author={Jason Hall and Maria Soledad Pera},
  booktitle={The Florida AI Research Society},
We present UBR, a Unit Book Recommender that combines search and recommendation into a single tool that eases the task of locating educational resources, specifically books. UBR relies on the extensive selection of books available at popular book websites and the expert knowledge archived on educational websites to generate a list of suitable book alternatives that can be readily obtained and used when teaching any unit of study. As a case study, UBR focuses on the Joy School teaching… 

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Improving social book search using structure semantics, bibliographic descriptions and social metadata

This research work first performs baseline retrieval by considering the contribution of query formulation, document representation, and retrieval model, and devises a re-ranking solution that exploits ratings, tags, reviews, and votes in reordering the baseline search results.

Social book search: the impact of the social web on book retrieval and recommendation

This paper gives in-depth and comprehensive coverage to the current state of the retrieval side of SBS research from its origin to the present day by critically and analytically reviewing the academically significant relevant research contributions.



How Can We Help Our K-12 Teachers?: Using a Recommender to Make Personalized Book Suggestions

  • M. S. PeraYiu-Kai Ng
  • Education
    2014 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Joint Conferences on Web Intelligence (WI) and Intelligent Agent Technologies (IAT)
  • 2014
BReT adopts a multi-dimensional strategy to suggest books that simultaneously match the interests, preferences, and reading abilities of K-12 students based on the content, topics, literary elements, and grade levels specified by a teacher.

SBS 2016 : Combining Query Expansion Result and Books Information Score for Book Recommendation

This track aims to develop test collections for evaluating ranking effectiveness of book retrieval and rec-ommender systems and combines the results of Sequential Dependence Model (SDM) and the books information that includes the price, the number of P ages and the publication Date.

Social Book Search Reranking with Generalized Content-Based Filtering

This paper proposes a general search-recommendation hybrid framework for Social Book Search, where learning-to-rank is used to adaptively combine all reranking results, and has the best performance on both datasets compared to other state-of-the-art systems.

Automating readers' advisory to make book recommendations for K-12 readers

The design of Rabbit is unique, since it adopts a multi-dimensional approach to capture the reading abilities, preferences, and interests of its readers, which goes beyond the traditional book content/topical analysis.

Recommender Systems Handbook

This handbook illustrates how recommender systems can support the user in decision-making, planning and purchasing processes, and works for well known corporations such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and AT&T.

Search engines.

  • J. Wootton
  • Computer Science
    Journal of women's health
  • 1997
In this month's Talkin' Tech, the authors will review three popular search engines: Google, Teoma, and Yahoo.

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