UBIQUEST, for rapid prototyping of networking applications

  title={UBIQUEST, for rapid prototyping of networking applications},
  author={Ahmad Ahmad-Kassem and Christophe Bobineau and Christine Collet and Etienne Dubl{\'e} and St{\'e}phane Grumbach and Fuda Ma and Lourdes Mart{\'i}nez and St{\'e}phane Ub{\'e}da},
An UBIQUEST system provides a high level programming abstraction for rapid prototyping of heterogeneous and distributed applications in a dynamic environment. Such a system is perceived as a distributed database and the applications interact through declarative queries including declarative networking programs (e.g. routing) and/or specific data-oriented distributed algorithms (e.g. distributed join). Case-Based Reasoning is used for optimization of distributed queries when as there is no prior… CONTINUE READING
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