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UA-DETRAC 2017 : Report of AVSS 2017 & IT 4 S Challenge on Advance Traffic Monitoring

  title={UA-DETRAC 2017 : Report of AVSS 2017 \& IT 4 S Challenge on Advance Traffic Monitoring},
  author={Siwei Lyu and Ming-Ching Chang and Dawei Du and Longyin Wen and Honggang Qi and Yuezun Li and Yi Wei and Lipeng Ke and Tao Hu and Marco Del Coco and Pierluigi Carcagn{\`i} and Dmitriy Anisimov and Fabio Galasso and Filiz Bunyak and Guangfan Han and Hao Ye and Hong Wang and Kannappan Palaniappan and Koray Ozcan and Li Wang and Liang Wang and Martin Lauer and Nattachai Watcharapinchai and Nenghui Song and Noor M. Al-Shakarji and Shuo Wang and Sikandar Amin and Sitapa Rujikietgumjorn and Tatiana Khanova and Thomas Sikora and Tino Kutschbach and Volker Eiselein and Wei Tian and X. Xue and Xiaoyi Yu and Yao Lu and Yingbin Zheng and Yongzhen Huang and Yuqi Zhang},
The rapid advances of transportation infrastructure have led to a dramatic increase in the demand for smart systems capable of monitoring traffic and street safety. Fundamental to these applications are a community-based evaluation platform and benchmark for object detection and multiobject tracking. To this end, we organize the AVSS2017 Challenge on Advance Traffic Monitoring, in conjunction with the International Workshop on Traffic and Street Surveillance for Safety and Security (IWT4S), to… Expand
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