U2AF participates in the binding of TAP (NXF1) to mRNA.

  title={U2AF participates in the binding of TAP (NXF1) to mRNA.},
  author={Andrei S. Zolotukhin and Wei Xian Tan and Jenifer Bear and Sergey V. Smulevitch and Barbara K Felber},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={277 6},
TAP/NXF1 is a conserved mRNA export receptor serving as a link between messenger ribonucleoproteins (mRNPs) and the nuclear pore complex. The mechanism by which TAP recognizes its export substrate is unclear. We show here that TAP is added to spliced mRNP in human cells. We identified a distinct region of TAP that targets it to mRNP. Using yeast two-hybrid screens and in vitro binding studies, we found that this region coincides with a direct binding site for U2AF35, the small subunit of the… CONTINUE READING


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