U.S. and Canadian Dissertations, 2007

  title={U.S. and Canadian Dissertations, 2007},
  journal={The Art Bulletin},
  pages={307 - 340}
  • Published 1 June 2008
  • Art
  • The Art Bulletin
D' ANNIBAL.LE, MARIA, "Urban Space in Fascist Italy: Contested Grounds for Mass Spectacle, Tourism, and Celebration of the Historic Past; The Case of Verona" (Pittsburgh, B. McCloskey, K. Savage) CUTHBERT, NANCY, "The Fountain Sculptures of George TsuTakawa" (University of Victoria, C. Thomas) B A W EJ A, V AND A N A, "Otto Koenigsberger: Tropical Architect from Princely Mysore to PostColonial London" (Michigan, R. Fishman) 


Possibilities for architectural production under capitalism
This dissertation explores the question: What effects do architecture and the economic realm have upon one another? I begin with an analysis of a specific trajectory in twentieth-century work on
Landmarks of the Persian Renaissance : monumental funerary architecture in Iran and Central Asia in the tenth and eleventh centuries
This dissertation investigates the sudden proliferation of mausolea in Iran and Central Asia in the tenth and eleventh centuries and how their patrons, who were secular rulers of Iranian descent,
The "Carrara Herbal" in context: Imitation, exemplarity, and invention in late fourteenth-century Padua
This dissertation examines the relationship between the Carrara Herbal (British Library, Egerton 2020), an illustrated book of plant medicines, and the patterns of the Carrara family's patronage
The reception and study of Renaissance architecture in Great Britain, 1890-1914
The writing of Renaissance architectural history in the period 1890-1914 in Great Britain changed dramatically. Despite modernism’s tenet of rejecting history from design, Renaissance architectural
The Mausoleum of Augustus: Expanding meaning from its inception to present day
MAUSOLEUM OF AUGUSTUS: EXP ANDING MEANING FROM ITS INCEPTION TO PRESENT DAY Susan L. Fugate Brangers November 11, 2007 In this dissertation I examine the meaning of the Mausoleum of Augustus and how
Bernhard Heisig and the Cultural Politics of East German Art
This dissertation focuses on the (East) German artist Bernhard Heisig (b. 1925), one of the most important German artists of the twentieth century. In English-language scholarship, however, he is
The politics of style: Meyer Schapiro and the crisis of meaning in art history
This dissertation focuses on the art historical praxis of one of the most significant Euro-American art historians of the 20th century, Meyer Schapiro (1904 - 1996). While Schapiro has most often
Eroticism, identity, and cultural context: Toyen and the Prague avant-garde
This dissertation situates the life and work of the artist Toyen (Marie Cerminova, 1902-80), a founding member of the Prague surrealist group, within the larger discourses of modernism and
The periphery within : modern architecture and the making of the Third World
This dissertation examines the critical role played by modern architecture and planning in shaping the discourse on Third World development after the Second World War. At stake here is an ignored
Rethinking the reinstallation of the studiolo of Francesco I de' Medici in the Palazzo Vecchio
by KAREN VICTORIA EDWARDS The Studiolo of Francesco I in the Palazzo Vecchio is a testament to the changing styles at the end of the Cinquecento, and has been called a perfect example of Mannerist