U.S. Foreign Policy toward Radical Change: Covert Operations in Guatemala, 1950-1954

  title={U.S. Foreign Policy toward Radical Change: Covert Operations in Guatemala, 1950-1954},
  author={G. Bowen},
  journal={Latin American Perspectives},
  pages={102 - 88}
  • G. Bowen
  • Published 1983
  • Sociology
  • Latin American Perspectives
  • Gordon L. Bowen* In June 1954 the elected Guatemalan government of President Jacobo Arbenz was overthrown, ushering in thirty years of dictatorial and pseudodemocratic government. How did the "Guatemalan affair" happen? What was behind the U.S. role in the coup? These are immediate concerns of this and other new research on the subject. At a rudimentary level, both internal and external forces were involved in the overthrow of the Arbenz regime. The pivotal role of the Guatemalan armed forces… CONTINUE READING
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