title={U.K. COVID-19 DIARY},
  author={Sam Mitha},
  journal={National Tax Journal},
  pages={847 - 878}
  • Sam Mitha
  • Published 1 September 2020
  • Economics
  • National Tax Journal
The U.K. government struggled to contain the outbreak of COVID-19. Its delay in introducing a lockdown, widespread testing of those who might be infected, and restrictions on the entry of visitors from countries where the virus was rife, as well as its decision to order the transfer of patients from hospitals to care homes without testing them, contributed to the high death toll from the virus. The government swiftly introduced measures to minimize the unemployment and business failures that… 

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The main aim of the research is the identification of the benefits of digitalisation of medical devices in hospitals in COVID-19 times, focusing on a case study of the Czech Republic.