U. B. Phillips and the Plantation Legend

  title={U. B. Phillips and the Plantation Legend},
  author={Richard Hofstadter},
  journal={The Journal of Negro History},
  pages={109 - 124}
No single writer has been more influential in establishing patterns of belief about the plantation system of the Old South among scholars and teachers than the late Ulrich Bonnell Phillips. His American Negro Slavery and Life and Labor in the Old South are the most widely read scholarly studies of the slave system, and have become classic sources of information and propaganda about antebellum Southern life." Professor Phillips' interest was clearly centered in the planter class; so much so that… 
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Ulrich Bonnell Phillips left a permanent mark upon southern historiography. Georgia-born in 1877 and educated at the University of Georgia, Phillips went North for a Ph.D. at Columbia in 1900. Except

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For a frank and revealing statement of Phillips-' social attitudes, see his essay

  • The Marcus W. Jernegan Essays in American Historiography (Chicago, 1937)

12619 several 239

    has the most satisfactory review of the evidence. See also Richard Shryock

    • Negro Health on the Antebellum Plantations

    162 et passim. Also relevant is the slaves' reaction to freedom

    • 1938

    Magnolia Plantation La. 138 308 "Mr. Mickle" IS.Ca. 65For Phillips' background see the essay by

      the slave can always hold before his master's cupidity

      • Journal of Negro History