U-Projectors and Fields of U-Invariants

  title={U-Projectors and Fields of U-Invariants},
  author={K. A. Vyatkina and Alexander N. Panov},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Sciences},
We present a general construction of the U-projector (the homomorphism of an algebra into its field of U-invariants identical on the subalgebra of U-invariants). It is shown how to apply the U-projector to find the systems of free generators of the fields of U-invariants for representations of reductive groups. 
Fields of invariants for unipotent radicals of parabolic subgroups
The paper is devoted to the problem of finding free generators in the fields of invariants for actions of unipotent groups on affine varieties. We consider the case when the unipotent group is the


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Let G be a group and let k be a field. A K -representation ρ of G is a homomorphism of G into the group of non-singular linear transformations of some finite-dimensional vector space V over k . Let K
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