U . S . IOOS coastal and ocean modeling testbed : Inter-model evaluation of tides , waves , and hurricane surge in the Gulf of Mexico

  title={U . S . IOOS coastal and ocean modeling testbed : Inter-model evaluation of tides , waves , and hurricane surge in the Gulf of Mexico},
  author={P. C. Kerr and Aaron S. Donahue and Joannes J. Westerink and R. A. Luettich and Leo Y Zheng and Robert H. Weisberg and Yuge Huang and Harry V. Wang and Yui-Chieh Teng and David R. Forrest and Alex Roland and Amanda T Haase and Anneke W. M. Kramer and Alexandra A Taylor and J. R. Rhome and Jesse Feyen and Richard P. Signell and Jeffrey L. Hanson and Mark E. Hope and Robyn M Estes and Roberto A Dominguez and Robert P. Dunbar and Luigi Semeraro and H. J. Westerink and Andrew B. Kennedy and Julie Marilyn Smith and Mark D. Powell and Vincent J. Cardone and Andrew T. Cox},
P. C. Kerr, A. S. Donahue, J. J. Westerink, R. A. Luettich Jr., L. Y. Zheng, R. H. Weisberg, Y. Huang, H. V. Wang, Y. Teng, D. R. Forrest, A. Roland, A. T. Haase, A. W. Kramer, A. A. Taylor, J. R. Rhome, J. C. Feyen, R. P. Signell, J. L. Hanson, M. E. Hope, R. M. Estes, R. A. Dominguez, R. P. Dunbar, L. N. Semeraro, H. J. Westerink, A. B. Kennedy, J. M. Smith, M. D. Powell, V. J. Cardone, and A. T. Cox 
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