Tyrosine phosphorylation profiling reveals the signaling network characteristics of Basal breast cancer cells.

  title={Tyrosine phosphorylation profiling reveals the signaling network characteristics of Basal breast cancer cells.},
  author={Falko Hochgr{\"a}fe and Luxi Zhang and Sandra A. O'Toole and Brigid C. Browne and Mark Pinese and Ana Porta Cubas and Gillian M Lehrbach and David R. Croucher and Danny Rickwood and Alice Boulghourjian and Robert Shearer and Radhika Nair and Alexander Swarbrick and Dana Faratian and Peter Mullen and David J. Harrison and Andrew V. Biankin and Robert Lyndsay Sutherland and Mark J. Raftery and Roger J. Daly},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={70 22},
To identify therapeutic targets and prognostic markers for basal breast cancers, breast cancer cell lines were subjected to mass spectrometry-based profiling of protein tyrosine phosphorylation events. This revealed that luminal and basal breast cancer cells exhibit distinct tyrosine phosphorylation signatures that depend on pathway activation as well as protein expression. Basal breast cancer cells are characterized by elevated tyrosine phosphorylation of Met, Lyn, EphA2, epidermal growth… CONTINUE READING


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