Tyrosine kinase inhibition reduces i f in rabbit sinoatrial node myocytes

  title={Tyrosine kinase inhibition reduces i f in rabbit sinoatrial node myocytes},
  author={J. Wu and Ira S. Cohen},
  journal={Pfl{\"u}gers Archiv},
 We studied pacemaker current (i f), the inward current activated by hyperpolarization in rabbit sinoatrial (SA) node myocytes, with the permeabilized-patch-clamp technique. The tyrosine kinase inhibitors genistein (50 μM) or herbimycin A (35 μM) reduced the amplitude of i f in response to step hyperpolarizations in the diastolic range of potentials. A two-step voltage-clamp protocol revealed that the reduction in i f is due to a decrease in maximal i f conductance. The observed effects are due… CONTINUE READING


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