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Tyre installation device

  title={Tyre installation device},
  author={詹纯新 and 刘权 and 岳红磊 and 刘荣 and 喻虎德},
  • 詹纯新, 刘权, +2 authors 喻虎德
  • Published 2012
  • Engineering
  • The present invention provides a tire mounting apparatus. The tire mounting apparatus comprising: a base (1); a first supporting portion (2) provided on the base (1), the first support portion (2) having an axle disposed space; and a second support portion (3), the relative the first support portion (2) is movably disposed on the base (1), a second supporting portion (3) having a tire placing space, a second supporting portion (3) having a first support portion (2) close to the tire mounted on… CONTINUE READING

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