Tyrannosaurs suffered from gout

  title={Tyrannosaurs suffered from gout},
  author={Bruce M. Rothschild and Darren H. Tanke and K. Carpenter},
A comprehensive diagnostic approach combining phylogenetic disease bracketing and CT imaging reveals osteomyelitis in a Tyrannosaurus rex
Findings demonstrate low probability of a neoplastic aetiology of the examined pathologies in the Tyrannosaurus rex and in turn, suggest that they correspond to multiple foci of osteomyelitis.
New insights into purine metabolism in metabolic diseases: role of xanthine oxidoreductase activity.
  • M. Furuhashi
  • Biology
    American journal of physiology. Endocrinology and metabolism
  • 2020
New insights into purine metabolism including the role of XOR activity are discussed in this review, indicating differential regulation of hypoxanthine and xanthine in a general population.
Understanding and perceptions of gout: an interdisciplinary assessment among patients, physicians and pharmacists in Italy.
The results of the survey highlight the many treatment and knowledge gaps in gout management and Cooperation between multidisciplinary teams is required to break down barriers and ensure optimal treatment with effective and innovative agents of this ever-increasing debilitating condition.
First documentation of a greenstick fracture in the fossil record. Possible gout also noted in Arkansaurus fridayii
ABSTRACT Examination of a cast of the newly recognised Arkansas state dinosaur, Arkansaurus fridayii, revealed abnormal pedal features. As casts do not always faithfully reproduce bony alterations
Pain in dinosaurs: what is the evidence?
This review is a thought experiment using circumstantial evidence from dinosaur fossils and from the behaviour of their extant relatives to describe probable responses of dinosaurs to serious injuries.
Mouse models for human hyperuricaemia: a critical review
Community-wide efforts are needed to reach consensus about the definition of hyperuricaemia in mice, to develop protocols for generating suitable models of hyperURicaemia and to adhere to a standard protocol for urate measurements.
Imaging of gout: New tools and biomarkers?
Record-Breaking Pain: The Largest Number and Variety of Forelimb Bone Maladies in a Theropod Dinosaur
Healing and remodeling indicates that the animal survived for months and possibly years after its ailments began, but its right third finger was permanently deformed and lacked the capability of flexion.
Vertebrate Ichnopathology: Pathologies Inferred from Dinosaur Tracks and Trackways from the Mesozoic
Literature concerning dinosaur footprints or trackways exhibiting abnormal gait or morphology reflecting pathology (ichnopathology) is rare. We report on a number of Jurassic and Cretaceous


Arthritis and allied conditions;: A textbook of rheumatology
The Fourteenth Edition of the Bible of Rheumatology offers new contributors and 5 new chapters, 11 restructured chapters, and significant updates to other chapters.
Calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease: description in defleshed skeletons.
The osseous appearance, skeletal distribution, and distinguishing features of calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease (CPPD) were delineated in a population of 2906 contemporary defleshed skeletons and analysis of the "pseudo-rheumatoid" subgroup of CPPD provided clear criteria for distinguishing the disease from rheumatoids arthritis.
Characterization of gout in a skeletal population sample: presumptive diagnosis in a Micronesian population.
Characterization of the nature and skeletal distribution of gout was accomplished in a Chamoru (Chamorros) population with predilection to the disease, which has an apparently unique, ivory-like discoloration in some gouty lesions, which facilitates diagnosis.
Some cases of gout in reptiles.
Rheumatoid arthritis "in the buff": erosive arthritis in defleshed bones.
Characterization of the nature and epidemiology of osseous alterations in two contemporary skeletal populations permitted the development of a standard for recognition of the disease in skeletal populations.