Tyramine pressor sensitivity in healthy subjects during combined treatment with moclobemide and selegiline

  title={Tyramine pressor sensitivity in healthy subjects during combined treatment with moclobemide and selegiline},
  author={A. Korn and Brunhilde Wagner and Jasper Dingemanse and Ernst Moritz},
  journal={European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology},
AbstractObjective: The objectives of this double-blind study were to assess the tolerability and i.v. tyramine pressor response during combined treatment with moclobemide and selegiline. Subjects: Two parallel groups of 12 healthy male and female subjects were treated with 200 mg moclobemide or 5 mg selegiline b.d. for 14 days. On Day 7, selegiline or moclobemide was added to the other treatment. IV tyramine pressor tests were conducted at baseline and at steady state during mono- and combined… Expand
Tyramine Pressor Sensitivity During Treatment With the Selegiline Transdermal System 6 mg/24 h in Healthy Subjects
A wide tyramine safety margin is suggested for the selegiline transdermal system and evidence is provided that the 6‐mg/24‐h selegILine transDERmal system can be administered safely without dietary tyramines restrictions. Expand
Effect of oral linezolid on the pressor response to intravenous tyramine.
There was a significant difference in the pressor response to i.v. tyramine between linezolid and placebo, which underlines the advantage of within-individual comparisons of treatments in order to reduce variability and provide more accurate treatment estimates. Expand
Moclobemide: therapeutic use and clinical studies.
  • U. Bonnet
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • CNS drug reviews
  • 2003
Moclobemide is a reversible inhibitor of monoamine-oxidase-A (RIMA) and has been extensively evaluated in the treatment of a wide spectrum of depressive disorders and less extensively studied inExpand
Safety of Selegiline with Cold Medications
Patients taking selegiline should try to avoid pseudoephedrine and dextromethorphan or use drugs without interaction potential, and watch for adverse events or replace seLegiline with another drug. Expand
Drug-drug interactions with levodopa modulating treatment responses in Parkinson's disease
A number of frequently used drugs to treat comorbidity have a potential to modify levodopa pharmacokinetics and particularly bioavailability and these drugs may trigger avoidable fluctuations of motor function in patients if not handled appropriately. Expand
An investigation of components of variance and tachyphylaxis in a placebo-controlled intravenous tyramine study.
Since inter-volunteer variability was greater than intra-vol volunteer variability, a crossover study design would be a more efficient study design, and the descending sequence of injections could be omitted since tachyphylaxis was not demonstrated. Expand
An investigation on anti-depressant activity of fresh fruit juice of Malus domestica in experimental animal models
Objective: To evaluate the anti-depressant effect of acute and chronic administration of fresh fruit juice of Malus domestica in experimental animal models. Methods: Anti-depressant activity of freshExpand
Extreme Blood Pressure After Ephedrine: Should We Rule Out Pheochromocytoma?
This case discusses a pharmacokinetic interaction between selegiline and ephedrine-induced norepinephrine resulting in hypertension.
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Les IAM CI sont peu nombreuses, mais l'iatrogenie evitable induite par ces associations reste un probleme de sante publique, d’autant que leur delivrance n’est pas exceptionnelle. Le pharmacien doitExpand


Tyramine pressor effect in man: studies with moclobemide, a novel, reversible monoamine oxidase inhibitor.
The potentiation by moclobemide of the pressor response to oral TYR corresponds roughly to a fourfold left shift of the TYR dose-pressor response curve and is about 10 times less marked than after tranylcypromine. Expand
Tyramine pressor sensitivity changes during deprenyl treatment
The data suggest that deprenyl acts as a relatively selective MAO-B inhibitor at low doses, but that this selectivity is lost at higher doses, resulting in a significant “crossover” inhibition ofMAO-A and increased tyramine pressor sensitivity. Expand
Effect of Moclobemide, a New Reversible Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor, on Absorption and Pressor Effect of Tyramine
It is concluded that at doses of 3 × 100 mg/day moclobemide induces only a mild potentiation of the pressor effect of tyramine, which is virtually absent under natural conditions when tyramines is given with a meal. Expand
Tyramine kinetics and pressor sensitivity during monoamine oxidase inhibition by selegiline
The findings support the assumption that selegiline does not selectively inhibit monoamine oxidase‐B (MAO‐B) when administered in doses of 20 mg/day and higher. Expand
Potentiation of the pressor effect of oral and intravenous tyramine during administration of the selective MAO-A inhibitor moclobemide in healthy volunteers
The tyramine induced increases in systolic blood pressure were greater during moclobemide than during placebo, and the dose-response curve for SBP was shifted to the right by a factor of approximately 3.5. Expand
Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic interactions between two selective monoamine oxidase inhibitors: moclobemide and selegiline.
The pharmacokinetic parameters of moclobemide and its metabolites changed on multiple dosing but were not influenced to a relevant extent by concomitant administration of selegiline, and the reported pharmacodynamic interactions are not considered to be clinically relevant. Expand
Oral tyramine pressor test and the safety of monoamine oxidase inhibitor drugs: comparison of brofaromine and tranylcypromine in healthy subjects.
The probability of "cheese reactions" during treatment with this reversible MAOI seems to be small, and delays of 8 and 30 days after the last doses of BROF and TCP, respectively, are needed for complete normalization of oral pressor responsiveness. Expand
[Moclobemide in the treatment of depression--an overview].
  • G. Laux
  • Medicine
  • Psychiatrische Praxis
  • 1989
The data confirmed the antidepressant efficacy of moclobemide with a rapid onset of action and activating properties devoid of clinically relevant tyramine interactions, and may become an exponent of the "renaissance" of MAOI in the treatment of retarded depression. Expand
Oral absorption and concentration‐effect relationship of tyramine with and without cimoxatone, a type‐A specific inhibitor of monoamine oxidase
The mechanism of increased sensitivity to oral tyramine in patients taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors was investigated by measurement of plasma norepinephrine and tyramine with a reversible,Expand
Cumulative effects of irreversible MAO inhibitors in vivo.
It is indicated that repeated treatment with suitable doses of clorgyline or deprenyl leads to specific reduction of either MAO A or B activity in brain, without producing any appreciable effect in the liver. Expand