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Typology and Landscape Structuralization

  title={Typology and Landscape Structuralization},
  author={Jan V{\'a}chal and Jarmila Strakov{\'a} and Monika Koupilov{\'a} and Jana Moravcov{\'a}},
  • Jan Váchal, Jarmila Straková, +1 author Jana Moravcová
  • Published 2009
  • Geography
  • The method presented for the anthropoecological stabilization of landscape (ASL) consists of four interconnected stages. The implementation of the method involves the delimitation of new landscape units within the study territory (AELU landscape units, Os bjective subsystems, GES geoecological sites, Geis-indication sites for landscape components monitoring). This was carried out according to earlier methodologies which were already published, and the spatial and functional projection is… CONTINUE READING

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