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Typological consequences of ABCD constraint forms 1

  title={Typological consequences of ABCD constraint forms 1},
  author={W. Bennett and Natalie DelBusso}
1 Introduction Much recent work on consonant (dis)harmony uses the theory of Agreement-by-Correspondence ('ABC', with 'D' for dissimilation). While proposals within this theory share several key components, variations have proliferated in the literature in numerous formulations of CON, based on different ideas of the possible central ABCD constraint types and definitions. In this paper, we analyze a set of systems using different logical combinations of distinct versions of two main ABCD… Expand


Distinguishing total and partial identity: Evidence from Chol
Long - Distance Voicing Assimilation in Berber : Spreading and / or Agreement ?
  • Proceedings of the 2010 annual conference of the Canadian Linguistic Association
  • 2010