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Typography as a resource of media style: cases from music youth culture

  title={Typography as a resource of media style: cases from music youth culture},
  author={Jannis Androutsopoulos},
Introduction This paper explores the social meaning of typographic choices at the intersection of pop culture and web design. Originating in sociolinguistics and discourse analysis, the research the paper is based on is concerned with the construction of social style in media discourse. My main question is the relation of language use and text design in the media with social identity. I assume that media texts are "designed" in order to reflect and represent the taste, interests, and ideology… 

New Media Orthography / Identity Play

toires for styling their online gender identities. Specifi cally, I look at the playful use of Hebrew orthography and digital typography by Israeli teenage girls as part of a multimodal identity

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This paper suggests to systematically focus on metagraphic discourse in typographic landscape analysis. It argues that the analysis of such discourse reveals ideological ascriptions to emplaced

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This paper is concerned with the ideological framing of typographic choices in Galician and Basque public space. It builds on an interpretive discourse analytical approach to the enregisterment of

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A CMC cue system based on the previous findings of CMDA and interpretive CA-informed analysis has provided evidence of the important role of non-verbal signals during the contextualisation of complex transactional and relational communicative goals in the workplace.

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Abstract Describing the semiotic activity of multifaceted configurations of language presence in plurilingual contexts (spaces and objects) as multilingual semiosis, this article adopts a classical

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Studies of English spelling have primarily focussed on correspondences between spelling and sound among core, standard spellings. Segmental-level correspondences have been examined in detail (Venezky

Typografische Variation und (Inter-)Medialität. Zur kommunikativen Relevanz skripturaler Sichtbarkeit

Nachdem sich verschiedene linguistische Teildisziplinen in den vergangenen Jahren der Medialitat, Materialitat und ‚Multimodalitat‘ von Kommunikation zugewandt haben, hat zuletzt auch die



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This chapter discusses representation and interaction, morality, and the materiality of meaning in the Semiotic Landscape - Surface and Inscription.

Typo-anarchy: a new look at the fanzine revolution

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