Typification of Zapałowicz’s names in Aconitum section Aconitum

  title={Typification of Zapałowicz’s names in Aconitum section Aconitum},
  author={Klaudia Wacławska-{\'C}wiertnia and J{\'o}zef Mitka},
  pages={119 - 126}
Abstract Hugo Zapałowicz described and named 27 taxa in Aconitum sect. Aconitum. Their names are typified here. Two of them (Aconitum berdaui, Aconitum bucovinense) are deemed correct for currently accepted species of the Carpathians, 24 are reduced to synonymy under five taxa, and for one no original material has been located. The correct place and exact date of their publication, which differs from those usually assumed, have been ascertained by bibliographic verification and the study of… 

The taxonomic circumscription of Aconitum subgenus Aconitum (Ranunculaceae) in Europe

In this article, we present a revised taxonomic circumscription of Aconitum subg. Aconitum (Ranunculaceae) in Europe. In total, the subgenus contains some 250 species with the major center of

Genetic Variation of Aconitum sect. Aconitum (Ranunculaceae) at a Macrogeographical Scale in the Carpathians

It is concluded that genetic links between nowadays distantly located populations could have originated in the effect of ancient contacts and hybridization, and probably in the Carpathians two ancient genetic centers of the A. Aconitum existed and the hybrid species A. ×nanum was genetically specific.

Phylogeny of Aconitum Subgenus Aconitum in Europe

Diploids in Europe are likely to be descendants of the Miocene European-Caucasian flora linked with the ancient Asian (arctiotertiary) genetic stock.

Zapałowicz’s Conspectus florae Galiciae criticus: Clarification of publication dates for nomenclatural purposes and bibliographic notes

The publication dates of the component parts of Zapałowicz’s work are clarified and discussed, as relevant to the nomenclature of numerous new taxa of Central European vascular plants described therein: 94 species and hybrids, 10 subspecies and more than 2000 other infraspecific taxa.



The genus Aconitum L. in the Ukrainian Carpathians

In the Ukrainian Carpathians 12 species of the genus Aconitum occur, circumscribed by three subgenera. General descriptions, ecological characteristics, chorology and threat of 20 Aconitum taxa are

Chromosome numbers in Aconitum sect. Aconitum (Ranunculaceae) from the Carpathians

Abstract Chromosome numbers for two studied taxa of sec. Aconitum from the Eastern/Southern Carpathians: A. bucoviniense Zapał. (2n = 32) and A. ×nanum (Baumg.) Simonk. (2n = 32) are given for the

Phenetic and geographic pattern of Aconitum sect. Napellus (Ranunculaceae) in the Eastern Carpathians - a numerical approach

There is a regional pattern of particular OTUs distribution, which show local morphological uniqueness within a taxon, and the CPC may be interpreteted as regions of neoendemism and/or may reflect a post-glacial migratory route.

Holotype specimens and type citations: general issues.

The rules governing holotype recognition are outlined and suggestions for best practice are made.

Taxonomic Literature

The results show that, contrary to common belief, taxonomic contributions do not generally reduce a journal’s citation performance and might even increase it, and taxonomic output could increase even more than at its current growth rate.

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