Typhoon events recorded in coastal lagoon deposits, southeastern Hainan Island

  title={Typhoon events recorded in coastal lagoon deposits, southeastern Hainan Island},
  author={Liang Zhou and Shu Gao and Yang Yang and Yangyang Zhao and Zhuochen Han and Gaocong Li and Peihong Jia and Yongkang Yin},
  journal={Acta Oceanologica Sinica},
Coastal lagoon deposits provide evidence for the magnitude and frequency of past tropical cyclones prior to instrumental records and historical documentation. In the present study, we attempt to analyze the sedimentary records containing typhoon information for the northern South China Sea region. For this purpose, sediment cores were collected from two coastal lagoons in the southeastern Hainan Island, and were analyzed in laboratory to derive the data sets about grain size, organic and… 

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