Typesetting APL with LATEX: the APL front end APL2TEX

  title={Typesetting APL with LATEX: the APL front end APL2TEX},
  author={Andreas Geyer-Schulz and Josef Matulka and Gustaf Neumann},
In this paper we present an <i>APL</i> publishing system for LAT<inf>E</inf>X which supports typesetting of <i>APL</i> publications and documents in a mixed hardware, multiple vendor <i>APL</i> environment. It requires minimal maintenance and is in the public domain. The system has two components, the LAT<inf>E</inf>X document style option apl.sty and the APL2TEX front end. apl.sty currently provides the full symbol sets of the <i>APL</i> dialects <i>APL</i>2/370, <i>APL</i>2/PC, Dyalog <i>APL… CONTINUE READING

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