Types of polydrug use among Spanish adolescents.

  title={Types of polydrug use among Spanish adolescents.},
  author={S{\'i}lvia Font-Mayolas and Mar{\'i}a Eugenia Gras and Nat{\`a}lia Cebri{\'a}n and Anna Salam{\'o} and Montserrat Planes and Mark Sullman},
  journal={Addictive behaviors},
  volume={38 3},
OBJECTIVE This study examined the types of polydrug use among Spanish adolescents. METHOD 1501 high school students (50.6% female) aged 12 to 17years old (mean age=14.03, SD=1.28), from public schools in the city of Girona (Catalonia, Spain), completed the survey. RESULTS In the previous six months 20.9% of the Spanish adolescents used alcohol, 18.8% tobacco, 10.5% cannabis and 0.7% cocaine. Specifically, 28.6% of the sample (n=429; 29% males and 28.2% females) used at least one drug and 13… CONTINUE READING

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