Typed Membrane Systems

  title={Typed Membrane Systems},
  author={Bogdan Aman and Gabriel Ciobanu},
  booktitle={Workshop on Membrane Computing},
We introduce and study typing rules and a type inference algorithm for membrane systems with symport/antiport evolution rules. The main results are given by a subject reduction theorem and the completeness of type inference. We exemplify how the type system is working by presenting a typed description of the sodium-potassium pump. 
Life-Death Ratio Approach by a Multiset-Based Type System
A multiset-based type system with ratio thresholds motivated by an important regulatory mechanism inside a cell which try to maintain a “life-death” ratio between some given lower and upper thresholds is introduced and proved.
Behavioural Types Inspired by Cellular Thresholds
A threshold-based type system in a bio-inspired formalism that can avoid errors in the definition of the formal model used to model certain biologic processes is introduced and a subject reduction theorem is proved.
Spatial Dynamic Structures and Mobility in Computation
This thesis addresses issues concerning the power of operations for modifying the membrane structure of a system of mobile membranes by mobility: endocytosis (moving a membrane inside a neighbouring membrane) and endocyTosis ( moving a membrane outside the membrane where it is placed).


Type Disciplines for Analysing Biologically Relevant Properties
Abstract interpretation and types for systems biology
The Essence of Principal Typings
Let S be some type system. A typing in S for a typable term M is the collection of all of the information other than M which appears in the final judgement of a proof derivation showing that M is
Types and programming languages
This text provides a comprehensive introduction both to type systems in computer science and to the basic theory of programming languages, with a variety of approaches to modeling the features of object-oriented languages.
A π-Calculus Model of the Na Pump
This paper presents a discrete mathematical description of the ion transport across cell membranes in terms of the π-calculus process algebra and motivates the use of theπcalculus as an adequate formalism for molecular processes by describing the dynamics of the Na pump.
An Analysis of a Public Key Protocol with Membranes
HAL is a multi-disciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of scientific research documents, whether they are published or not, for teaching and research institutions in France or abroad.
Control Flow Analysis for BioAmbients
Membrane Computing: An Introduction
This chapter discusses Membrane Computing, What It Is and What It is Not, and attempts to get back to reality with open problems and Universality results.
A P System Description of the Sodium-Potassium Pump
The pump is described and analyzed in the formal framework of P systems, considered here as tools for modelling a bio-cellular process and new features such as variable membrane labelling, activation conditions for rules, membrane bilayer and specific communication rules are defined.
Applications of Membrane Computing (Natural Computing Series)
This ebooks is under topic such as membrane computing an introduction natural computing series natural Computing Series applications of membrane computing introduction to membrane computing p systems web page membrane computing: brief introduction, recent results and applications of membranes computing in systems.