Type-I Topological Logic C1I and Approximate Reasoning

  title={Type-I Topological Logic C1I and Approximate Reasoning},
  author={Ya Lin Zheng and Changshui Zhang and Xin Yao},
We introduce the consistent topological structure and neighborhood structure into the logical framework for providing the logical foundation and logical normalization for the approximate reasoning. We present the concept of the formulae mass, the knowledge mass and the approximating knowledge closure of the knowledge library by means of topological closure. We obtain the fundamental framework of type-I topological logics. In this framework, we present the type-I topological algorithm of the… 
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The paper presents the IV-type $\mathcal{R}-$algorithm for the simple approximate reasoning model and the multiple approximate reasoning models in the frame of $\mathCal{R]-$logic $\mathbb{C}_\mathcal {R}$.
Equivalence Knowledge Cumularspharolith and IV-type Completeness of the Knowledge Base K in R-logic CR
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By casting off the direct restriction of topological structure,this paper presents another matching scheme between the input $A^\ast $ and the knowledge $A \to B$ based on the equivalence relation
Equivalence Knowledge Mass and Approximate Reasoning in $\mathcal{R}$---Logic $\mathbb{C}_\mathcal{R}$ (I)
Another matching scheme between the input Ai½ and the knowledge Ai¾ based on the equivalence relation $\mathcal{R}$ on formulae set F(S) and the corresponding equivalence classification is presented, obtains another algorithm of approximate reasoning -- the IV-type $R$---algorithm.


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