Type I Burst Excitability

  title={Type I Burst Excitability},
  author={Carlo R. Laing and Brent Doiron and Andr{\'e} Longtin and Liza Noonan and Ray W. Turner and Leonard Maler},
  journal={Journal of Computational Neuroscience},
We introduce the concept of “type I burst excitability”, which is a generalization of the “normal” excitability that is well-known in cardiac and neural systems. We demonstrate this type of burst excitability in a specific model system, a pyramidal cell from the electrosensory lateral line lobe of the weakly electric fish Apteronotus leptorhynchus. As depolarizing current is increased, a saddle-node bifurcation of periodic orbits occurs, which separates tonic and burst activity. This… CONTINUE READING


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