Type I (mineralocorticoid) receptors in the guinea pig.

  title={Type I (mineralocorticoid) receptors in the guinea pig.},
  author={Kathy Myles and John W. Funder},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={267 2 Pt 1},
The affinity, capacity, and specificity of type I receptors (mineralocorticoid receptors, MR) in the guinea pig are indistinguishable from similar values determined in parallel studies in the rat. In both epithelial (kidney, colon) and nonepithelial (hippocampus, heart) cytosol preparations, aldosterone binds with a dissociation constant at 4 degrees C of 1-2 nM in both species; for both guinea pig and rat the tissue concentrations of MR are an order of magnitude higher in hippocampus and colon… CONTINUE READING


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